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If you are looking for a proven way to become a certified corporate wellness coach in Zurich, Switzerland that will allow you to transform people’s lives, improve company bottom lines, jump-start an independent corporate fitness consulting business in Zurich, Switzerland, supercharge your income and give you exactly what you need in order to start a career of your choice….
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Listen… the corporate world is STARVED for highly skilled corporate health and wellness experts in Zurich, Switzerland who know how to transform people’s lives and improve a company’s health and productivity. Having your recognized, globally trusted certification is the single most important element to a becoming a successful corporate wellness professional…

…and yet, most people either don’t have enough money or time to get trained.

That’s why the 100% online training courses and certification program offered by the Spencer Institute is so valuable. Not only does it allow you a convenient way to get certified at your own pace in Zurich, Switzerland, but they have made it very affordable by offering the program at 25-60% below the industry average.

In fact, ever since their grand opening in 1992, the Spencer Institute is the only certification organization that supports individuals to grow successful careers and businesses through the educational and business development programs they offer.

Plus, when you take advantage of this training program, instead of only having a certification that lasts 2 years — yours is valid for 4 years. This means you save even more money and time.

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See yourself getting hired immediately by numerous corporations in your area. You can even consult online.

That’s exactly the kind of life over 15,000 Spencer Institute members lead and it’s the same one you can too when you take advantage of the Spencer Institute’s Certified Corporate Wellness Coaching Certification Program Online.

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Country is Switzerland (CH):

Region is: Zurich

Cities are:  Aathal Adliswil Aeugst Altendorf Au Bachenbnlach Bassersdorf Bauma Birmensdorf Birmenstorf Bnlach Bonstetten Brntten Brnttisellen BSch BSretswil Bubikon Buch Buchberg Dielsdorf Dietikon Dietlikon Dinhard Dnbendorf Dnrnten Effretikon Egg Eglisau Elsau Embrach Erlenbach Eschenbach Fehraltorf Feldmeilen Feusisberg Fischenthal Flaach Freienbach FSllanden Gibswil Glattbrugg Glattfelden Goldingen Gossau Greifensee Grnningen Henggart Herrliberg Hettlingen Hinwil Hittnau Hnntwangen Hofstetten Hombrechtikon Horgen Hurden Illnau Jona Kemptthal Kilchberg Kloten Knsnacht Kollbrunn Kyburg Lachen Langnau Lindau M Maur Meilen MSnnedorf Neftenbach Nnrensdorf NSnikon Oberembrach Oberengstringen Oberglatt Oberrieden Oerlikon Oetwil Am See Oetwil An Der Limmat Opfikon PfSffikon Pfungen Rapperswil Regensdorf Richterswil Rickenbach Rikon Rndlingen Rnmlang Rnschlikon Rnti Rorbas RSmismnhle RSterschen Russikon Saland Samstagern Sankt Gallenkappel Schlatt Schlieren Schmerikon SeegrSben Sennhof Seuzach Siebnen Spreitenbach Stallikon Steg Sternenberg StSfa Tann Thalheim Thalwil Tuggen Turbental Turbenthal Uerikon Uetikon Uetikon Am See Uitikon Unterengstringen Uster Uznach Veltheim Volketswil Wald Wallisellen Wangen Wasterkingen Weiningen Weisslingen Wernetshausen Wetzikon Wiedikon Wiesendangen Wila Wildberg Windlach Winterthur WSdenswil Zell Znrich Zollikon Zumikon

Latitude: 47.3714383561644 Longitude: 8.68294520547945