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Listen… the corporate world is STARVED for highly skilled corporate health and wellness experts in Bern, Switzerland who know how to transform people’s lives and improve a company’s health and productivity. Having your recognized, globally trusted certification is the single most important element to a becoming a successful corporate wellness professional…

…and yet, most people either don’t have enough money or time to get trained.

That’s why the 100% online training courses and certification program offered by the Spencer Institute is so valuable. Not only does it allow you a convenient way to get certified at your own pace in Bern, Switzerland, but they have made it very affordable by offering the program at 25-60% below the industry average.

In fact, ever since their grand opening in 1992, the Spencer Institute is the only certification organization that supports individuals to grow successful careers and businesses through the educational and business development programs they offer.

Plus, when you take advantage of this training program, instead of only having a certification that lasts 2 years — yours is valid for 4 years. This means you save even more money and time.

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Imagine knowing how to assess clients in Switzerland, build a healthy corporate culture, improve the lives of thousands in Bern, Switzerland, design customized health and fitness programs and deliver instruction in order to get maximum results for each and every person you coach.

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See yourself getting hired immediately by numerous corporations in your area. You can even consult online.

That’s exactly the kind of life over 15,000 Spencer Institute members lead and it’s the same one you can too when you take advantage of the Spencer Institute’s Certified Corporate Wellness Coaching Certification Program Online.

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Country is Switzerland (CH):

Region is: Bern

Cities are:  Adelboden Aeschau Aeschi Aeschlen Allmendingen Amsoldingen Arni B Bangerten Beatenberg Belp Bern Berne Betten Biel Bienne Biglen Blankenburg Blausee Blumenstein Bnren Bnren An Der Aare Boll Bolligen Boltigen Bowil Brenzikofen Brngg BSrau BSriswil BTvilard Buchen Bumbach Burgdorf Burgistein Busswil CorgTmont Court Courtelary Diessbach DSrligen Eggiwil Einigen Eriz Ersigen Evilard Faulensee Felsenau Flamatt Fraubrunnen Frauenkappelen Frieswil FrSschels Frutigen Geretsried Gerzensee Gnmligen Gnmmenen Goldiwil Goldswil Graben Grenchen Grossaffoltern Gunten Gwatt Hasle Hasle-rnegsau Hasli Heiligenschwendi Heimberg Heimenschwand Heimiswil Hermiswil Hilterfingen Hindelbank Hinterkappelen Hnnibach Hondrich Interlaken Jegenstorf K Kandergrund Kandersteg Kehrsatz Kernenried Kerzers Kiesen Kirchberg Kirchdorf Kirchlindach Konolfingen Krattigen Krauchtal Krauchthal Kurhaus La Heutte Lajoux Langnau Lauperswil Lauterbrunnen Leissigen Lengnau Les Genevez Liebefeld Linden Lntzelflnh Lyss Lyssach M Macolin Magglingen Malleray Marbach Matten Bei Interlaken Matzenried Mauren Meinisberg Merligen Messen Mnhleberg Mnhlethurnen Mnnchenbuchsee Mnnsingen Mnrren Montfaucon Muri Neuhaus Niederried Niederscherli Niederwichtrach Oberbalm Oberbnren Oberburg Oberhofen Orpond Orpund Orvin Ostermundigen Pieterlen PrOles PTry R Radelfingen Reconvilier Reichenbach Richigen Riedbach Riggisberg Ringgenberg Rneggisberg Rnschegg RosshSusern Rubigen Sch Schnottwil Schnpfen Schwarzenburg Schwarzenegg Seedorf Seftigen Signau Sigriswil Sonceboz Speicher Spiez SSge SSriswil Stechelberg Steffisburg Stettlen Suberg Tavannes Th Thierachern Thorberg Thun Toffen Trachselwald Tramelan Trubschachen Ueberstorf Uetendorf Uettligen Unterseen Urtenen Uttigen Wabern Wahlen Wahlern Walkringen Wattenwil Wengen Wengi Wichtrach Wilderswil Wileroltigen Wimmis Wohlen Worb Worben Worblaufen Zimmerwald Zollbrnck Zollikofen ZSziwil Zweisimmen

Latitude: 46.8931553398058 Longitude: 7.52140776699029